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Monday, May 29, 2017

A Lesson Learned

“Hey everyone, I want to apologize for being overbearing yesterday. I was trying too hard to make a perfect memory for Aunt Jane. I forgot that nothing is ever perfect and it would’ve been better if I had just let things unfold naturally. The important thing was you all made the time and effort to be there for her special day. I love you all and am so glad and thankful to be part of this amazing family!”

This was the text I sent out to my loved ones after being a control freak the day before. My two sisters and I had planned a special birthday gathering at a restaurant for our eldest sister, Jane, who usually isn’t in town to celebrate on or around the appointed day. Last weekend, however, she had flown in to witness the graduation of our dear nephew from college, so we hatched this party plan for the following Saturday.

Only trouble was, I forgot to get the Lord’s take on our project.

I overbooked myself the day before, then stayed up later than was good for me. Consequently, I woke up late the morning of the event, which kept me from my usual routine of spending time with the Lord before jumping into the day. The stage was set for emotional disquiet and unmet expectations.

I over-organized everyone’s activities, buzzed around snapping pictures people didn’t want taken, then waxed surly when others didn’t dance to my tune. Hence, the need to apologize later for behavior which, while not outrageous, certainly did not constitute my finest hour. I let the god of hostessing make me forget that the sweetest thing I could do to honor my sister’s birth would simply be relax and keep faith at the center of the festivities. Like Martha, I lost sight of the fact that Christ’s presence makes every occasion just right, with or without the trappings.

Fortunately, I have a loving family, and all was forgiven.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” 
~ Matthew 6:33

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