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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Keith Green's Easter Song

It's been a winter for the books. Ten days off from school due to storms. Snow all the way up through last week, and more promised for this coming one. Record amounts of precipitation and ice. March is certainly refusing to go out like a lamb.

In spite of all this weather-related insanity, tiny shoots of color are starting to spring up on lawns. I'm seeing ground cover for the first time since our last mowing. Today the beginnings of a crocus peeped up at me as I made my way to church. I smiled in admiration of the little flower that knew enough to stay hidden during the cruelty of Mother Nature's wrath, yet refused to remain dormant forever. It completed its work underground and is now rising triumphantly, in imitation of its maker, for whom death was merely a hibernation while eternal purposes were being wrought.

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